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Small Business Owners:

  1. Contracts help!

  2. Understanding the importance of your contracts (Control Your Contracts MasterClass)

  3. Strategic Planning (month to month or annual projections)

  4. Secure Acquisition / Mergers

Idea to Execution (Anyone)

  1. This is for individuals that have ideas but do not necessarily know how to execute them. 

  2. Consultation services

Helping Hand


Projects - What's New?


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Young Woman with Smart Outfit

D. Bailey, Owner of JustDeeDee

TIRA's ..."Control Your Contracts" masterclass has blessed me with so much knowledge!! I can't wait til Thursday so I can get some more. Hit her up yall!!

Confident Woman

Dionne B., Owner of Event Planning Company was a great session honestly - I'm really looking forward to the additional sessions :)

thank you!!!!

R. Richardson, Lawyer and Entrepreneur

...I'll be back for the next class!! [Yo]u were dropping jewels & I thank [yo]u for all that info. 

VR Goggles

A. Van Hook, Esq. and Entrepreneur

Tira worked with me to focus and guide my ideas during my brainstorming session. She was prepared with information on competitors, the market, and potential resources before we even began. Tira’s extensive experience allows her to offer detailed feedback on any project. Will be working with TIRA International again!

E. Green, Owner of a LLC

Thank you! I enjoy working with you for my contract needs!

L. Thompson, Entrepreneur

I appreciate the level of detail and knowledge that I was given throughout the course. I hope to take it again to get more experience with other contracts I may need as a business owner and an entrepreneur. Thanks, Tira! You were amazing.

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