January 12, 2021



"An Idle Mind is the Devil's workshop.​"

I wanted to start by focusing on knowledge vs an idle mind. 

Knowledge is the breadth of new life you can get regarding something. 

An idle mind is delayed progress and improvements. 

I have been in business for the last 10 years, with significant contract experience in the last 5 years, and strategy experience in the last 3 years. I was entry level for about 3 months and I caught on very quickly. 

One thing that I can say I pulled from my experience is : you cannot wait for someone to give you something. 

Another thing that I can say I pulled from my experience is : you cannot get something someone gives you (i.e. knowledge) without applying it and, then, questioning it. 

The impact of you receiving a contracts or strategic planning template makes you slightly lazy.  Trust me, I have been there before.  BUT, I noticed that I got further in life through knowledge and thought - provoking activities. 

I didn't wait for the answer in class, I used knowledge and guessed it. 


I didn't wait for a 6 figure job to be handed to me, I went out and I got it.


I didn't wait for a business to come around for me to start it, I just started it. 

They say an "idle mind is the devil's workshop."  

I very much so understand that now. 

For my Control Your Contract's student's, focus on applying to knowledge that is given to you.  For my strategic planning and contracts coaching clients, focus on creating action from each session.  I promise you, I will never sit idly by.  Neither should you. 

Match my grind.  

Knowledge vs. An Idle Mind

Tira Chandler, CEO

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